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PT. Prima Energy Resources is a national private enterprise doing energy and mineral development through exploration and mining management services. Supported by professionals team which have wide experiences in Geophysical, Geological, Coal Mining project assessment, Mine Management, Quality Control, Investment Analysis and Financial Modeling.

PT. PER has an integrated management to serve Mining Companies in developing mining potential area into economical valuable and determining the future direction of strategic planning. Currently PT. PER has developed the mining activities to serve local partners in Indonesia from the exploration stage until operation phase to fulfill Export and Domestic’s demand.



Participating in fulfilling energy development in Asia Pacific region generally and in Indonesia especially, with the International standard quality.



Engage in mining management services to develop especially coal and mineral potential reserves into economical valuable, so it will benefit the society and its environment.

Forming efficient strategic alliance business between the mining contractor, mining concession holder’s and financial company to operate coal mines with using good mining practice. Forming international and national marketing network for energy products.