Electromagnetic Drone

Semi-Airborne Electromagnetics using drones is a novel geophysical exploration method. It combines the latest sensor technology, innovative drone platforms and advanced geophysical analysis software. Read more

Drone-enabled Electromagnetics - Airborne Technology

Drone-enabled Electromagnetics - Airborne Technology

This novel exploration method uses a powerful electric (or magnetic) source on the ground. The receiver is flown using an unmanned multicopter or helicopter.

This novel configuration is called the Semi- Airborne Electromagnetic method. Semi-Airborne EM can look much deeper into the Earth’s crust than standard airborne EM capabilities being used in the industry.

  • Drone-borne electromagnetics is a geophysical sounding method aiming to map changes of the electrical conductivity at depth.
  • This novel EM method enables innovative acquisition and processing solutions for detailed subsurface resistivity mapping.
  • Drone-borne electromagnetics is the method of choice to acquire dense datasets covering large tracts of land and wide areas for the purpose of surveying areas in a cost-efficient time.
  • The deployment of drones is safer for the operators, cheaper with regard to initial and operational costs, and more effective in terms of site characterization.
  • The depth of investigation is considerably greater and the resolution is considerably higher compared to standard airborne EM methods.